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Beyond Limits


Canyon Bicycles

Based in Koblenz, Germany, Canyon Bicycles is a brand known for its use of cutting edge technology, servicing some of the worlds very best professional cycling teams and athletes.

With a few of us in the agency being avid bike nuts we jumped at the chance when Canyon approached us to help them with the launch of their new Exceed CF SLX.

Do you have what it takes to go beyond limits?

Delivering something truly unique

Our goal was to deliver something that truly delivered a unique and valuable experience to Canyon's fans. We knew that people are obsessed with riding and using Strava, but that their data is not always easy to understand. So we encouraged people to push themselves and we would do the rest by translating their efforts into something more tangible - furthermore they could win a bike.

So really it all just came down to one simple question - How far can you go, Beyond Limits?

Screenshot of the home page design

Leveraging Strava

Our dedicated app with custom algorithms allowed users to sign in with their Strava credentials and have their most recent rides analysed to see how far they really did go 'Beyond Limits'. We focused on a users distance, speed and average power (among other data points) to create a personalised read on their efforts.

Instagram shared image of the generated infographic


Via our app users could share to Instagram to not only make their friends envious of their cycling prowess but also to stand a chance to win their very own Exceed CF SLX with their custom ride data splashed across its paint work.

Infographic created for Canyon Beyond Limits

Establishing a visual language

Working alongside additional agency partners we collaborated on how our algorithm would inform and guide the design of the custom info-graphic while still staying true to the established design guidelines of Canyon.‚Äč


For Canyon this was one of the most expansive and widely successful marketing campaigns in their history and set a new standard for marketing initiatives in the future. Off the back of this success the campaign was also a finalist in the 2017 Shorty Awards in the Sports and Data Visualisation categories.