Breach: lets jack

Social campaign

Atlantic Records

‘Jack’ – the infectious track by British producer Breach was an underground hit in clubs and was also quickly amassing fans through its quirky, yet catchy video. Atlantic Records wanted to surf this growing wave of popularity to help take the track mainstream.

The goal – to engage existing and new fans in an online campaign that required active participation and a sense of the absurd.

It was a snip!

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The Situation

The video for “Jack” is somewhat unusual. A hairdresser’s paradise, everything in the video sports hair; long, crimped, blonde, brunette, ginger, flowing free or tightly styled – there is a LOT of hair. So how could we take this design concept and, like Rapunzel, let it grow?

A hairy webpage was obviously the answer, alongside some Social Media savvy grooming. We decided early on that the campaign needed a fairly low barrier to entry to be successful. With this in mind we leveraged Vine, and the newly released Instagram video service, through a bespoke aggregator. This collection service arrived in a neatly designed hairy “TV” on the webpage, framing entrants videos and allowing viewers to vote; were their moves Jackin’ or Slackin’?

Jackin' or Slackin'?

Fans were invited to create their very best Jack video selfies, all tagged with #letsjack via Vine and Instagram and then streamed into place like a seamless toupee. From our official hub, 3D created glossy locks framed a window through which visitors could watch fans and music-lovers submissions to Breach’s soundtrack.

Big loves for visual stylings could be passed on via a “Jackin’” thumbs up. Bad hair days could be awarded a “Slackin’” thumbs down. Every video was rated and tracked by the community, and, if sufficiently glossy, arrived in the list of “Top 5 Who’s Jackin’”.

Brave participants were rewarded not just with the glory of being successfully “Jackin”, but with the chance to win tickets to an exclusive Breach DJ gig.


A webpage that sat entirely in (lip)sync’ with the concept of the music video.

A marketing concept that pushed the reach of the single with every participant’s involvement.

A campaign that spoke to digital natives; the core audience for Breach.