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Chipshop Awards


Internal Project

Self described as ‘creativity with balls’, the ChipShop Awards is an opportunity for agencies to flex their creative muscles in an anything goes platform. No briefs are issued and it’s simultaneously a competition in campaign ideas and a chance to poke some fun at the advertising industry. Imagine Frankie Boyle was head of your marketing department and you’re on the right tracks. Here are our entries for 2017. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.

Creativity with balls

Pint for pint campaign - Give Blood and Guinness. Finalist in the Best Charity award.

Finalist in ‘Things that need not be advertised’ category, our senior creative Paul, underlined a first world problem with a campaign for real plates and we couldn’t agree more. Who wants to find your ice cream is on the floor when you return form the loo?

Who doesn’t like a big entrance? We were pretty proud of our entry to the parody category. Of course it’s a pleasure just to be nominated...oh wait, we weren’t. Unfortunately this effort didn’t make it through the finals, we’ve no idea why.

Not all of our efforts were sweary or genital-based, we managed to uphold some decorum with our candidate for the honesty category, marrying the BodyShop’s 40th birthday with a tagline which underpinned the ethos of the brand.