gamescom 2014



gamescom is rapidly becoming one of the most eagerly anticipated gaming conventions in the World. It is certainly the largest event of its kind in Europe, attracting 335,000 visitors in 2014.

The Xbox presence at gamescom is massive. New games are launched, beta versions are revealed, and trailers for upcoming titles are played to thousands of fans. Marketing, preparing and supporting the event are huge tasks – and Xbox asked us to help them make 2014 another memorable year at gamescom.

Xbox have a gamescom strategy to match the scale and scope of the event itself. There were three levels to the services we provided; pre-show design and development, show-week on-site design support and reporting, and post show analysis.

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Working closely with Xbox's Social agency, pre-show elements were designed and delivered to a tight deadline – everything we produced had to be ready to go by the 12th August if not before.

Let's Get Digital

Brand compliant and easy to navigate, the bespoke gamescom webpage provided a holistic view on event activities, Xbox news, and the latest comments from social media participants. Responsible for both the design and build, Staak delivered a mobile and desktop-happy site that paralleled Xbox's real-life activities at the convention. Videos would give the viewer a taste of the Xbox experience at (almost) first-hand, embedded Twitter and Instagram streams would cycle relevant social media posts and images, and a Twitch channel broadcast the latest gaming video content. An online poll engaged visitors to the site, asking them to nominate the titles they were most excited by.

The reporting hub, built from scratch and entirely to spec', is a glossy page, accessible only to those in the know, showing a moment-to-moment view on the gamescom web page visits, device types and referrals. These statistics informed the what, when, where and why of the online strategy, providing real-time guidelines on audience behaviour, and improving the responsiveness and relevance of content updates. This data forms a baseline of behaviour trends for future events, helping us to shape upcoming initiatives and pre-empt audience requirements.

Check out the Xbox gamescom experience here:

What a card

Eight game cards, two bright and shiny achievement cards, and two incredibly rare character cards...

Xbox went all collectible at their booth, encouraging game play and audience participation by rewarding them with hard-to-come-by trading cards. The lucky few who managed to collect all eight game cards were entered into a draw to win an Xbox One.

We worked closely with Xbox to design, print and deliver twelve cards, with a print run of over 140,000, all destined for Cologne, Germany.

The Card Collection campaign combined game presence with interactivity, supplying the gaming audience with a physical challenge at the Xbox stand.

Very important passes

This year at gamescom, the EMEA social team gave key Influencers (YouTubers & bloggers) and VIP fans exclusive access-all-areas passes. Throughout the five days they were given special entry into Xbox and 3PP events as well as playtime at the Xbox booths. In order to make their trip extra special, they were welcomed with a specially designed conference badge rather than a normal staff badge.

Three badges were designed for Fans, Influencers and Xbox Guests, each containing a different level of information on the attendee and sporting the identifiable Xbox brand alongside Sunset Overdrive's Fizzie, reinforcing Xbox One's array of exclusive titles.

Xbox hosted two invitation only events during gamescom; a Media Briefing to news hungry journalists and bloggers, and an after-hours party where only the privileged few got to attend.

Staak designed all of the guest-associated elements for these hosted events, including posters advertising the media briefing, and managing the print run for the VIP passes.

Right here, right now

Show-week support was offered on-site in Cologne by a crack-team from Staak, providing backup to the Xbox Social team during the convention. A design presence at gamescom enabled Xbox and their social agency to quickly push slick content online, reaching out to the Xbox audience both reactively and pro-actively as the event rolled on.

The after-show party

Daily analysis. Ad-hoc reporting. Xbox were kept informed on site performance, providing supporting metrics for decision-making and a benchmark of measurable for next year.

Roll on gamescom 2015.


One dynamic campaign hub, designed and developed with a real-time analytics suite and alongside a publicly accessible web page.

Over 140,000 collectible gamescom trading cards designed, delivered by us and devoured by gaming fans and over 150 passes designed and delivered to happy Xbox VIP’s.

Data and more data, providing measurable statistics and KPIs, and opening a weather eye for future event strategy.