Gears of War 3

Facebook Campaign


The biggest, greatest and third installment in the Gears of War series, Gears of War 3 was set to be a behemoth of a game. With gamers feverishly waiting for its release, Xbox tasked us with devising a social campaign and strategy which would create fame and drive demand for the title while shining a spotlight on some of themes central to the game.

We locked and loaded our Lancer rifles and got to work.

Who are your Brothers To The End?

Working closely with Xbox's social team to promote Gears of War 3 we lovingly crafted a dynamic two phased Facebook campaign across 25 locales allowing fans to discover who their true 'Brothers To The end' really were.

With the theme of brotherhood running deep throughout the franchise, we ensured the campaign was aligned with this from the initial beta access right through to the full global launch.

The Solution

Who wants Beta access?

Phase 1 of the campaign focused on promoting the highly anticipated beta access to the game. We amplified this message by way of a targeted Facebook campaign that urged fans of the game to pick their very own 'Brothers To The End', tagging friends against the iconic characters in the key art for the title.

This initial phase of the campaign proved extremely popular with fans, wetting their appetites for things to come while far surpassing our initial target of 50,000 shares with over 250,000 friends being tagged in as little as two weeks.

Where's your cog tag Gear?

Ramping up the campaign for phase 2 we looked to amplify brand messaging for the games release while building on the successes of phase 1. So how did we do this? We threw the user front and centre for roll call and, using a very clever Facebook based algorithm, plucked key character traits from each fans profiles to calculate which Gears of War character they (and their friends) most resembled.

Result? Fans went nuts.

And just to add icing on the cake, all fans who took part in the campaign had a personalised, digital Gears of War 'cog tag' created with their name etched along the edge. A blank cog tag was created in-house in 3D and then paired with Flash to create the personalisation in real time via the Facebook application.


420,000 'Brothers to the End' discovered over the 4 week campaign lifecycle.

38,000 digital 'Cog tags' created by fans.