Grudge Match


Warner Bros

Grudge Match - “A rivalry 30 years in the making”, sees Sylvester Stallone and Robert De Niro coaxed out of retirement for one final bout. We pitched our idea of a real-time fight game to Warner Bros. to help amplify awareness of the films release while letting fans knock seven bells out of each other (virtually at least).

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Think You Can Brawl With the Best of Them?

In the build up to watching these two heavyweights of cinema go head to head we carefully crafted a unique digital campaign that was grounded in two inescapable constants in the world of social:

  • Everyone loves competition.
  • Banter, childish name calling, trash talking with friends (or whatever you want to call it) never gets old.

The Solution

Everyone's a contender

Via a dedicated desktop experience we invited fans to step in the ring by creating their very own custom fight cards via webcam, finished off with their own randomly generated boxers name. Then, the experience would usher them into the ring to fight real time grudge matches with friends and random users alike, duking it out for a chance to win tickets to a fight in Vegas and digital boxing belts.

You punch like your Grandma

So what if fans weren't feeling particularly combative? Well our custom 'Trash Talk' feature would let them drop verbal bombs on friends from afar. Carefully honed put downs could be selected by fans and sent to their friends via Facebook and Twitter, goading them into the ring while substantially extending the social traction of the campaign.