The Ultimate Collection

A Digital Archive for the Best of the Best Games


They are the best of the best. The highest rated in their genres. They are The Ultimate Collection!

There are just some games every gamer should have in their collection. Iconic titles that raised the bar and defined a generation of gamers. But how do you showcase these amazing games in the light that they deserve? Xbox approached us to answer that very question.

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They are the Best of the Best

With thirty four titles across six genres being shortlisted for The Ultimate Collection it was our challenge to present these to gamers in the best light possible, showcasing what made these titles truly iconic and why they should have pride of place in any gamers collection.

The Island

Journey your way through this hallowed realm

After much thought in how we could best represent the wealth of titles on offer in not only a creatively engaging way but also so that all titles were on an equal footing we eventually settled on the idea of 'The Island' - a mythical land where the best of the best can be found. The home of The Ultimate Collection.

We chose different landscapes and climates across the island to represent each of the genres in The Ultimate Collection (Action & Adventure, Sports, Combat, Puzzle, Strategy and Arcade). Each landscape was lovingly crafted and brought to life using a variety of techniques including 3D modelling, matte painting and photo manipulation to make each scene as visually rich as possible. Gamers could then take a birds eye view of the island before visiting their chosen genre in more detail.

It's All About the Games

Combining detailed information on every game including videos, galleries and trivia fans could learn first hand why these titles made the grade. The campaign also enabled gamers to rate and review titles as well as vote for new titles to be inaugurated into The Ultimate Collection by way of weekly 'Vs' battles. This coupled with the ability to create their very own personal Ultimate Collections elevated the campaign even further.