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Xbox at Christmas



The Xbox social team wanted to spread some festive cheer so they reached out to get our take on Xbox themed decorations. “Baubles”, we said. “Lots and lots of baubles.” We decided to focus on some of the hottest titles of the season and promptly worked up creative for Halo's Masterchief, Gears of War and Fallout 4.

Oh, and because we were feeling particularly giving we brought a Tomb Raider animated snow globe to the party too. Xbox loved it, fans went nuts on social. Result.

Halo Masterchief Christmas bauble

Halo’s Masterchief in bauble form.

Gears of War Christmas bauble

Gears of War themed bauble - lock and load grunt!

Fallout Christmas bauble

Fallout 4 ‘Nuka-Cola Quantum’ themed bauble.

The 3D modelling process of the babubles

Inspiration and process

Referencing game assets we went about creating the baubles in 3D which were then taken through to Photoshop for final compositing

Tomb Raider animated snow globe