Heroes of the Storm

Crafting a community focused hub for new and existing players alike

Blizzard Entertainment

While there's a literal treasure trove of guides, how to tips and community videos for the wildly successful MOBA title, Heroes of the Storm, finding the very best content can often be tricky and time consuming for gamers which can in turn negatively effect player retention. Blizzard asked us to collaborate with them in creating a community onboarding hub; a 'go to' resource that curated the very best content for new and existing players alike. 

Creating a Community Focused Destination

There's no doubt that Blizzard support their gaming communities well with a raft of official educational content for their titles but it's also true that they're strongly supported by a vibrant, engaged and proactive gaming community. It became clear early on that we needed to have a curated blend of both official and community created content in order to succeed.

Identifying three key areas that our content would be sourced from we set about defining a content strategy to help meet Blizzards objectives.

Content Strategy

We then set about defining how content would be prioritised, organised and accessed. Content included everything from beginner how-to's, hero guides and advanced gameplay strategies to specialist tools such as build calculators and eSports statistic libraries.

The key challenge was organising content that would meet the needs of an audience with a diverse range of experience.

Crafting User Experience

We opted to leverage the abundance of rich artwork for Heroes of the Storm to illustrate and highlight key touchpoints for content sections. Curated video content was served via customised YouTube playlists while a powerful, custom built live search facility allowed users to pick out even the most obscure content.

As with any MOBA game, player retention is of paramount importance to its continued success. In collaborating closely with Blizzard we've successfully created a user centric hub that not only supports even the newest of players but also provides the resources to support their long term enjoyment of the game as they mature as players

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