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Building a platform to disrupt the exclusive streetwear market, uniting buyers with trusted agents to secure the hottest merch.


Staak were approached by two London entrepreneurs that had discovered a niche within the streetwear and sneaker market. This sector of the fashion industry attracts limited runs of highly sought-after garments and accessories. With the exclusivity of street fashion being high on a punter’s wishlist, the resell market has been growing rapidly over the last few years. Not only have the usual bidding sites have become a hive of aftermarket trading, other resell platforms have begun to emerge for streetwear aficionados and sneaker heads. 

Meanwhile, social networks have become the shop window of choice for canny dealers to flaunt their wares to the world and generate tribal communities of collectors. 

Our clients had formulated a way to funnel these organically grown audiences with an after-market tool to ensure keen shoppers wouldn’t miss out on the latest releases whilst migrating their already established community to a new and innovative platform. 

That platform is Proxyeed. 

Proxyeed App screen
Proxyeed App screen
Proxyeed App screen

The Framework

Proxyeed provides a proxy service to those who can’t attend a product launch or aren’t local to a store offering exclusive items. Those who are willing to buy items of behalf of another (or ‘Proxies’) stand to make a cut on top of the retail price for their time and to package up and post the items to the buyer.

User Journey

Uniting product releases, stores, buyers and sellers and cultivating a community all through one app meant some careful planning in order to create an intuitive user experience. Our starting point was separating these ‘user threads’ and making clear signposts for visitors from the home screen.

Following these strands will guide a user down a pathway of signing-up, finding or posting products and allowing a negotiation between members.

We redesigned the original user flows through interactive wireframes and simplified the process to be a more intuitive experience to the Proxyeed audienc

Proxyeed App screen

Ident development

When considering the visual identity for the Proxyeed platform, we studied the landscape of the streetwear industry and designed our logo to complement the labels being traded. In the last few years there has been a trend of clean and minimal wordmarks often juxtaposing the graphic sensibilities of a brand and we emulated these characteristics.

The accompanying symbol that would advertise the service on the app store and be shorthand for the company represents transactions and a two-way relationship between proxies and buyers.

We had to consider both logo forms working across a multitude of applications including in-navigation, retail displays and promotional assets.

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