The Framework

Creating a digital toolkit for Channel 4 producers to ensure creative and cohesive workflow

Channel 4

Channel 4 invited us to work with them transforming their internal process for commissioning briefs. We would create a touch point which would unify the planning stages and turn it into an interactive tool. 

This framework would simplify the roadmap of a project and encourage collaboration and transparency from the kick-off, resulting in better, more efficient productions.  

The Framework

Historically, the framework for commissioning projects existed as a series of digital documents that were often spread across multiple locations with no clear guides as to how and when to use them effectively

We worked closely with Channel 4 to create a digital, interactive framework that could be accessed securely from the web for all of Channel 4’s producers providing them with the tools to ask the right questions at the right times, helping define, qualify and guide briefs to final delivery.

Born Risky

Channel 4 was born as opposition for the BBC and ITV. Formed by parliament, tasked with taking risks and creating content others would not is a special history.

We wanted to remind programme makers of this ethos throughout the framework by visually quoting some of the more unique and controversial scenes from C4’s back catalogue as back-drops.

The 4 D’S

The framework offers a step-by step guide to assist all aspects of programme making. Channel 4’s guidelines for this are the 4 D’s - Discover, Define, Develop and Deliver. Using these stepping-stones, we developed a digital toolkit to steer projects from start to finish.


Outlining a project, investigating the knowns and unknowns.


The challenge presented and the approach to overcome obstacles.


A time for creativity to be channelled into the fabric of the brief.


The end-product is ready to go. Now onto how to sell and distribute it.

What we did

Our remit covered everything from information architecture, UI and UX studies to final design and build. We collaborated closely to ensure that Channel 4’s unique brand values, terminology and ethos were adhered to so the end tool was familiar, friendly and above all, useful.

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