Trunk Dunk

Celebrating a decade of our studio the only way we know - with creativity and beer!

Internal Project

This year our studio turned 10 years old and to celebrate we created a refreshing ale brewed by our own fair hands that represents what we, as a studio, are about - few ingredients working well together, making a perfect blend! We wanted to share them with friends old and new. In the Victorian era our very own River Leam was used as a bathtub for 3 circus elephants! 

They would be walked down to the river from a coach house so it wouldn’t have been a surprise to see Wilhelmina, Trilby and Haddie trotting down for a scrub. Using these same spa waters and brewing our suds just a stone’s throw from the river, we wanted to encapsulate some of the town’s eccentricness in our celebratory brew! 

Illustration of Trunk Dunk ingredient used - hops

We knew we wanted Trunk Dunk to be hoppy session beer. We’ve combined smooth Simcoe hops to ferment our brew before finishing with Amarillo for a playful, citrus flavour.

Illustration of Trunk Dunk ingredient used - malt

Our base was a pale blonde Munich malt which would break down those lovely sugars and kick-start the process of beer making. We’d later use crystal malts add some sweet, caramel undertones to our beer.

Illustration of Trunk Dunk ingredient used - adjuncts

Adjuncts add characteristics to a beer. We included flaked oats but syrups, sugars and fruits are all common adjuncts included in the later stages of brewing for ‘personality’.

Label used on Trunk Dunk bottles

AR Code

We love skills old and new - the craft of packaging and print - the reward of seeing a project evolve from an idea into a tangible object. We also embrace the ever-increasing possibilities of immersive tech and decided to unite these worlds through our ‘beer-goggles’ beer label.

Using a device’s camera to launch an AR experience, recipients of our beer packages were greeted by a rendered elephant emerging from their screens in 3D space!


This was a purely in-house and hands-on project! From the block-printed wrapping to the handmade ‘housing’ and stamped swing-tags, all of our finishes were undertaken with as much love and care as the brewing process itself.

Waves design, screen printed onto white tissue paper
Handmade bottle housing, inside boxes
Inside box label of Trunk Dunk
Boxes packed with straw to protect bottles
Trunk Dunk bottles packaged in boxes with straw
Trunk Dunk Elephant Illustration
Trunk Dunk Elephant Illustration

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